Zinq Technologies 817W Wireless Mouse Review [Best Cheap Mouse]

Zinq Technologies 817W Wireless Mouse Review [Best Cheap Mouse]

Cheap wireless mouse for laptop and desktop:- Today we review Zinq Technologies 817W Wireless Mouse from Amazon. After reading this post you ever to know whether you have to buy this product or not what is its specifications, its features, and its pros and cons. Also, be discussed about the customer review for this product. And I give my personal feedback in technologies wireless mouse.

We make this post after doing hours of research on this particular product, this is one of the cheapest wireless mouse available in India. So before buying any product please read the pros and cons of that particular product so that your money will not be wasted for a useless product. Now let’s get started

Zinq wireless mouse review
MRP Rs. 699
Price Rs. 199
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Zinq Technologies 817W Wireless Mouse 

One of the best features is that hi floor design:- the shape of zinc Technologies 817W Wireless Mouse is full of 3D ergonomic design, it effectively e e reduced take and you can work long hours using this wireless mouse.

The range of this Mouse is for 10 meters. So you can use it 360 degrees within the range of 10 meters without any interference.

Long battery life:- it can consume low energy and low current design make the battery life longer environment protection and energy saving.

It provides you reliable connections within 360 degrees and 10 meters.

It is very easy to use no need for any driver plugs and play directly.

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Feature of Zinc Technologies 817W Wireless mouse

  • 3D ergonomic design
  • 360 degrees and 10 meters Range
  • Low power consumption

Pros of ZinqWireless Mouse

  • 1-year warranty
  • Good Quality
  • Budget mouse
  • Low power consumption
  • 2.4 GHz Technology
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Convenient To Control

Cons Of Zinq Wireless Mouse 

  • Don’t have an on-off button but it auto on & off.
  • Uses 2 AAA battery

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Customer Review About Zinq Technologies 817W Wireless Mouse

  1. REVIEW 1:- For that price, no other brand gives such an excellent product. It’s pretty good and it will turn off automatically without switch on and off button. The sound of the click is a little high. Otherwise, it is perfectly fine. Just go for it.
  2. REVIEW 2:-Initial Review: after using for 30 mins, looks good, movement is a bit stiff. The Wheel movement is smooth. Definitely, not looking cheap for 199.Good value for money if last for 6months.
  3. REVIEW 3:-Really sleek, works well over any surface with ease, but…….The click sound is just too annoying.
  4. REVIEW 4:-Light Weight, Worth in 200.
  5. REVIEW 5:-The mouse doesn’t Have on off Button So it will automatically turn off when the USB pin is detached. But can’t Turn on Off manually
  6. REVIEW 6:-The mouse is of good quality build though smaller than a wired mouse. The wireless dongle is inside the battery compartment. There is no switch for on/off. It is comfortable to operate and doesn’t make much sound either.
  7. REVIEW 7:-At this price, this is the best deal
  8. REVIEW 8:-At 200 rs it is worth it. I was shocked because it was not recognized by the system after connecting it. Later I came to know that receiver is inside the mouse nicely fitted but for a new user, it is difficult to trace out. I saw videos on YT and came to know. And finally relaxed and happy. Now working nicely..

My Feedback on Zinq Technologies 817W Wireless Mouse 

According to me, after doing research on a wireless mouse, Zinq Technologies Wireless mouse is a budget Wireless mouse, and you will not get any other wireless mouse at this price range with these excellent features.
 There is no Guide book, so the new buyer may be confused while starting the mouse. But if you know how to use this mouse, then this is not a big issue for you. But you can search on youtube, and you will get all the required information. It is also very lightweight and has good quality.
If you did not have much budget to buy a more advanced mouse than this is the best option for you. The Cost of this mouse is Just 199.

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