What is Lien Amount in SBI Account – How to Clear Lien Amount

What is Lien Amount in SBI Account:- Do you have an account with the State Bank of India? And You want to Know about Lien Amount That is showing into your account. And you want to Clear that amount. Then read this post carefully. 
Each account holder must know specific terms employed by the lender. You can have a savings account, current account, fixed deposit account, or bank accounts.
Not only SBI but the rest of the banks and financial institutions also use some of the mutual conditions like‘Lien Amount’.
What is Lien Amount in SBI Account - How to Clear Lien Amount

What is Lien Amount in SBI Account 

Lien stands to get a lock that has been put on your account. When it comes to lien amount you ought to be aware that this particular sum was secured by the Bank for a specific time. After the amount was frozen you won’t be able to withdraw it or use it for any purpose before the lock was taken away. The bank has the right of placing the lien on a particular amount or on the whole balance.

SBI में lien Account क्या है

यह आपके बैंक खाते में ताला है| जब यह ग्रहणाधिकार राशि की बात आती है तो आपको यह जान लेना चाहिए कि यह विशिष्ट राशि बैंक द्वारा एक विशिष्ट समय के लिए सुरक्षित की गई थी। राशि जमा होने के बाद आप इसे वापस नहीं ले पाएंगे या लॉक हटाने से पहले किसी भी प्रयोजन के लिए इसका उपयोग नहीं कर पाएंगे। बैंक के पास एक विशेष राशि पर या पूरे शेष राशि पर ग्रहणाधिकार रखने का अधिकार है

Basically, the Lien Amount is the Lock Amount. SBI puts a lock on the amount, and the amount gets suspended. The account holders can not draw the locked amount unless the bank eliminates the lien or lock.

Why you Get a Lien Account Penalty

The account holders who don’t maintain the minimum balance pay penalty charges for non-maintenance. The bank will deduct the penalty charges automatically. However, if the account does not have a sufficient sum, the bank will put a lien due to its penalty amount.
If you deposited the FD because of the security against a loan, then you can’t draw the FD amount under any case because the bank indicated it as the lien amount.

If you neglected to refund the EMI of a loan, the bank could place a lien due to the EMI amount.
The bank may also set a lien on the account if there’s a problem with a draft or cheque. The Cheque/Draft amount will be the lien amount.
If the bank finds out any unlawful activity in the account, it could suspend the account or may put a lien on a specific amount. The banker may place a lien if you fail to pay taxes.
Unless you repay the lender dues, the bank will not get rid of the lien. Until then you can’t draw the quantity or can not even issue cheques as it will get bounced.
When you settle the amount, the bank will remove the lien from the number of accounts. To resolve the matter, you have to visit the branch and inquire about the method to do so.
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Can We Withdraw the Lien Amount 

No, an Individual may not be able to withdraw the amount that has
Been marked lien before the person is settling the dues. Till the charge is
becoming lifted one will not be able to withdraw or utilize that amount and the
cheques that will be issued from that consideration will probably get bounced.

How To clear the lien Amount?

 If you want to resolve any issue related to lien then you will have to visit the home branch and ask the officials to perform it. You can also call the customer care service of your bank for settling the lien. Or you have any other queries or queries regarding this topic then you may read faqs in SBI official site.

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