Shilpa Shetty yoga App [ Review & Guide ] – Monthly and Yearly subscription Plans

Shilpa Shetty yoga App:- Everyone wants a fit, healthy, and happy lifestyle. To do so, some do exercise in the gym, some do running or walk, And some do yoga. But if you don’t have much time, or you don’t want to go outside yoga is the best exercise to do at home.

Shilpa shetty yoga App [ Review & Guide ]

Shilpa Shetty yoga App [ Review & Guide ]

You need good guidance about different types of Yoga and the proper method of doing a particular yoga. The online classes of yoga are very expensive and you have to take out your time to go there and do yoga exercise.
What if you get a yoga teacher at your home. With low monthly fees, that can be affordable even for a middle-class man.

Today we discuss the Shilpa Shetty app [Simply Soulful].
The best fitness model in India and one of the best Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra start an application to encouraging people to make their life healthy happy and fit. She lives by her famous philosophy of (Swasth Raho mast Raho). (Stay healthy stay happy.)

About The Shilpa Shetty App ( Simply Soulful )

You will get many different programs inside the app, from beginner to advanced level.
The main important and exciting feature in this app is there you will get video support in which Shilpa Shetty mam trained you how to do the exercise perfectly and give proper guidance and Diet Plan for the exercise.

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Different program in Shilpa Shetty Yoga App

Fat loss program

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  • Special yoga program
  • Free 95 exercises
  • Free 95 plus yoga asanas
  • Daily diet plan
  • Men over 40 program
  • Over 150 plus recipes
  • Yoga plus fitness program
  • Women-centric program
  • Meditation program
  • Diabetes program
  • Immunity booster program
  • Lockdown special program
  • Pilates program
Along with this program, the AP consists of everyday a program in which you will pay a for only one day plan.

One Day Plan includes

12 minute daily pranayam

  • 12 minute daily pranayam
  • Yoga for glowing skin
  • Yoga for the common cold
  • Upper body toning

The multi Day program 

12-week yoga for diabetics

The program includes
  • 12-week yoga for diabetics
  • Yoga for beginners 28 days
  • Endurance program of 28 days

The weight loss program

60-minute fat-burning workout

 This application includes
  • 60-minute fat-burning workout
  • Tone your arm
  • Yoga for fat-blasting

Meditation program include

Chakra balance for positive energy

  • Chakra balance for positive energy
  • Quick mental reset of the 3-minute video

Pilates program include


  • Yogalates
  • Intermediate pilates
  • Pilates fundamentals

Last course HIIT include

Upper body toning

  • Upper body toning
  • 16 minute lower body strength
  • At home abs workout.
With all these workouts and yoga you will get daily diet plans and tips for Free.

For each program, there is special rate starting from Rs 99 to 599.
If you want all the programs in a single package you can choose their monthly quarterly and yearly plan.
I Recommend you to go with Quarterly Plan. You will get This Plan @999.

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Pros of the Shilpa Shetty app

  1. Choosing plan:- the best part of this app is that you can choose any plan even for a few minutes to a 1-year plan. Many other similar apps did not give a wide range of pricing.
  2. Including videos:- Another best part is that Shilpa Shetty himself trained you in videos,  gives you proper diet plans, and proper training for each course.
  3. Trustable:- as the app is launched by Shilpa Shetty one of the best actresses in India, so so you can trust this app blindly.
  4. For all :- it is specially made for working women and men young mothers and also youngsters.
  5. Diet and recommendation on email:- once you subscribed to their plans you will get all the daily diet plans and recommendations directly into your register email ID.
  6. Save the program for later:- you can save the program when you have internet connectivity, and you can do yoga and exercise offline without Wi-Fi and network letter on.
  7. Track fitness for free:- the app includes a fitness tracker in which you can track your BMI body mass index, and you can take your photo after a workout and track your fitness journey.
  8. Track your health on Apple watch:- this app is available in apple watch Buy Subscripton

Cons of Shilpa Shetty app

  1. High price on Some program:- you will notice that some few minute programs are very costly. I recommend you to buy a monthly or quarterly plan.
  2. Expensive Yearly plans:- if you buy a Yearly plan it cost you around Rs2499, as compared to there a quarterly plan that is Rs.999. I did not think there is much benefit if you buy a yearly subscription.

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