[Latest Trick] || (FREE) Amazon Prime Video Subscription

FREE Amazon Prime Video Subscription

If you want to watch movies, serials and series online without paying a single money. Then we have a trick for you of getting free Amazon prime video subscription without any  debit and credit card. This Amazon prime video subscription is available for all countries so whether you are from India, US, UK all you can enjoy free Amazon prime video subscription for one month without any credit and debit cards.
So let’s start with our trick.

How can I avail Amazon Prime for free without credit and debit card.

Trick To Get Amazon Prime Video 1 Month Subscription for Free.
No Need Of Credit Or Debit Card – Simply Follow Below Steps
  • Open amazon.de and then you have to create a new account using Gmail ( don’t use temp mail for fake emails)

  • Now you have to change the language into English otherwise you will not able to you understand anything.

  • There you have to click on the three dot-prime video section.

  • Now you have to click on the 30 day free trial button.

    Amazon Prime for free

  • Now you have to continue with Amazon.dk (don’t click on amazon.com India)

  • Now you have to enter your bank details so. Click the link below to generate your fake bank details.

  • Click the link and select Germany flag 🇩🇪from the options. Then fake bank account detail bill generated.

  • Now you have to Copy BIC & IBAN & Enter In Amazon In Bank Detail ( Not Debit Card Detail)

  • Amazon Prime for free

  • Now you have to enter the address. you can enter any address (you can alsoe Indian address)

  • Done! Now Go To https://www.primevideo.com & Login With Same Account

  • Choose Country As India & Also Change Language To English By Going In Settings

In this way you can get free Amazon prime video subscription without adding your credit and debit card.
If you are facing any problem you can comment below.
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