Is Paytm Ban in India? – Why Paytm App Not Showing In Play Store

 Hello guys there is very shocking news that we are getting from the Paytm app. You will get the news that Paytm is not available in the Play store. So some of you have a question in your mind that is Paytm ban in India. Or the Paytm app ban from the Play store Only. If yes then why and if no, then where is the Paytm app.

Paytm Ban in India – Paytm App Not Showing In Play Store (Truth)

Paytm Ban in India - Paytm App Not Showing In Play Store

Update :- Paytm app is Now available on Play store.

First of all, I want to share with you that till now on the 18th of September 2020 there is no official announcement by the government of India about the ban of Paytm in India.

But Google Remove the Paytm app from Playstore saying that It won’t endorse any Gambling app. 

Google says that the Paytm app violates their guidelines, by using gambling or sports betting in its app. 

The government never Ban any online payment app so quickly. Now a day Paytm is one of the best applications for online payments and for doing all the online transactions. And lots of people already make the account on Paytm and save their money in their account whether in a wallet or in a bank.

So there is less than one percent chance that Paytm will ban without any notice. 

Another app of Paytm app like Paytm for business, Paytm money, and Paytm mall is still available on the Play store.

Why Paytm App is Not Available On  PlayStore

On the 18th of September google make an announcement saying that Google does not allow Online casinos or any other sports gambling/betting app in the Play store. Even if the app redirecting the customer to any other external website for gambling or betting it is a violation in their policies. 

Google already said that they already notify the developer of the app about this issue. But Paytm did not take any action on this issue and as a result, Google has removed the app from the play store. 

This all issue is due to the Paytm First Game, As  IPL is starting from 19th September, and Paytm start their Paytm First Game, for IPL. In which the are promoting a fantasy cricket app (same as Dream11) In which you have to select 11 players from both the team and then join the tournament and win the money. 

Sachin Tendulkar is the Brand Ambassador in this IPL fantasy Cricket. 

What to do now? Paytm Announcement on the removal of Paytm From Playstore 

Guys don’t worry about the removal of the Paytm app from Playstore, as Paytm posted a tweet in thier tweeter handle that, Paytm Andriod app is temporarily unavailable on Google play store for new downloads or Updates, it will be back soon, 
All your money is completely safe and you can continue to enjoy your Paytm app as normal. 
Paytm twitter tweet Announcement on the removal of Paytm From Playstore

How to download Paytm APK file.

First of all, there is no need for an APK file to download the Paytm app. As is a many security and privacy issue in the video download from other sources then play store.

But if you still want to download you can download it from here.

[ Download Here ]

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