How To Use Canva Pro Account For Free (100% WORKING LIFETIME)

  (100% WORKING FOR LIFETIME) How To Use Canva Pro Account For Free

How To Use Canva Pro Account For Free (100% WORKING LIFETIME)

Hey guys do you use Canva for making images logos and presentation, or you want to start Canva Pro account for your image-making, logos, and presentation.

Canva is half free and half paid, if you use the free version of the Canva then you will get watermarks of the Canvas into your photos or presentations or the image is not good for your project.

Then you decide to buy its pro version. And if you don’t have a budget to use the Canva Pro account. Then here our trick comes that helps you to get Canva Pro to account for free for a lifetime without paying a single bug.

Yes, you can get Canva pro for free. The images you are looking at my blog are also made from the Canva Pro account, and I did not pay single money to them. I am using this trick from the last year and enjoying this trick for making unlimited images and presentations free of cost.

So let’s start a topic and know how to get Canva pro for free for a lifetime.

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How To Get Canva Pro For Free

First of all, I want to share with you that this is not a legal way, so I am not putting any site link in this blog. I’ll give you the name of the site that I used for that trick, then you directly go to that site and use this trick, let’s begin.

  • First of all, go to the Google and search Canva, now open Canva and click on the third option “sign up with email
  • Now open another site,  there a fake email address pop up on the homepage of this site. You have to copy this email address and come back to the Canva website. 
  • Now on the first column put any name, then paste the email address that you copied from temp-mail and in last make a password of your choice. Then click on the sign-in button.
  • Now you will be redirected to the homepage of Canva. There you can use free Canva,
  • But now we have to make it a pro account, so you have to click on the “Try Canva Pro” on the top right corner. 
  • Now click on the “Get It Free For 30 Days” button. And there you have to fill your payment details. To fill your payment details you have to make a virtual card. For that you have to open another 2 sites.


  • In the Namso-gen put 527253462088 this bin in bin column
  • And click on generate button, on the right side 10 virtual card number is generated you have to copy all the cards numbers and open Mr checker website.
    nemso gen bin code for canva pro 2020


  • There you have to paste all the card and click on the start button after you start the process you will get some live card, then you have to copy the card number of one of the live card, and paste it into the Canva account, same you have to paste the expiry date and CVV number of that card.
  • how to use mr checker
  • After putting all the detail of the card you have to click on claim my free trial button.
  • And that’s it you are now entered into your Pro account.

Now you can make any image, presentations, logos for different platforms as Facebook, Instagram, website and for YouTube, all the stuff you made from Canva is copyright free. You will get no copyright issue from this image. 

Hope you understand that how to get Canva Pro for free. If you still did not understand how to do it, you can watch the video given above. And you can subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such interesting topic.

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