(50% OFF) BEST Kadence Slowhand Acoustic Guitar – Complete Review

(50% OFF) BEST Kadence Slowhand Acoustic Guitar - Complete Review

 Hello everyone Welcome back to our blog. So Today we Review about Kadence Slowhand Series Guitar. And Get these Guitar at 50% Discount. So today we discuss Kadence Slowhand Guitar. What are the Features of this guitar, What is the best guitar for you according to its reviews, sound quality, price, durability, quality. So read the full article, as it is a very informative blog if you want to buy a Guitar at a reasonable price. So let get a start.

1. Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar, Spruce Top with Hard Case SH-01

Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar, Spruce Top with Hard Case SH-01
PRICE 13999

Kadence Slowhand Acoustic Guitar is the new generation high-quality Guitar, gets you the best sound, and completes tonal control.
Fully Featured like other more expensive guitars.

Premium matt finish body and Rosewood Fret Board and bridge. It enhances the appearance of the Guitar.
You will get inbuilt Equalizer in Kadence Slowhand acoustic guitar

The decorative in-lays subtly showcase the Kadence symbol and the high-quality decal marks the series name, uniquely placed next to the strings on the body.


  • Sound Quality is awesome 
  • included strap belt
  • Budget-Friendly 
  • Rosewood fretboard 


  • Some customers received defected products: But you can replace it.

2. Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar, SH-04

Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar, SH-04
MRP 19999
Price 10999
Save 8001 (42%)

Kadence Slowhand Semi-Acoustic Solidwood guitar is finely crafted to give you a complete tonal Control

Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar, SH-04

This Guitar is designed in Premium tonal Woods

Fretboard and bridge is made with Rosewood thus, help in ensuring great sound Quality 

Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar, SH-04 having an inbuilt Equalizer.


  • Good sound quality 
  • made with Rosewood thus
  • inbuilt Equalizer
  • Premium Acoustic Guitar
  • Included amplifier cable, bag, stand, plectrum and strings

No Cons 

Tips To Select Best Guitar For First Time 

So if you are a beginner looking to buy your first guitar… Read on!

Before you even think about budget, brand, wood, neck, pickups so on and so forth…..FIRST, take a good look at your hands.

Do you have small hands, big hands, small fingers, long fingers, etc, this is the first step in choosing a guitar, cos if your small fingers and you are choosing a wider fretboard, chances are it will be unplayable (Especially in case of children), you will need to put in extra effort and modify your playing technique to accommodate a wider fretboard. And vice versa for large hands and small fretboard.

Also if you are buying an acoustic guitar, it is also important to understand the climate in general of the place where you live eg is it too humid? Or is it too dry?

How is it relevant to a guitar you ask? Have you noticed that during rains our home doors get swollen and get stuck while closing? Similarly, a guitar since made of wood will absorb moisture or dry out…So buying a hygrometer will help you understand the moisture levels and keep your guitar healthy.(A much more detailed topic altogether)

Tips To Select Best Guitar For First Time

Post the physical examination, the next step should be the budget, don’t allocate the total budget to the guitar, but keep some for the accessories (Many times a bag/carrying case/tuner may be included) like a guitar maintenance kit, picks, guitar strap, stand, this will help you make a complete package.

Research – there are many online resources that give in-depth information on tonewoods, guitar body types, etc. Do your research on the type of guitar that you would like to go in for and the one that would be suitable for you. Also whether you will be using it mainly at home or jam with others or perform. Which will then help you arrive if you need an acoustic, electro-acoustic, or a solid body electric?
Buying – Choosing a guitar is primarily like buying a car, you would like like to test-drive before you buy, but if you are not able to do it, then buy from a reliable and trusted site like this one, I personally didn’t like a uke that I purchased and my money was refunded, so it was a good experience.

So once you have done all of the above and you have received your guitar, conduct the following checks…

Check the guitar in general – check for any cracks, scratches, dings, bumps in the body, check the joints of the neck to body, gently shake the guitar to see if anything is rattling inside ( I once found a silica sachet inside), check if the paint/Finish is even and there are no bumps.

Check the fretboard – Are the frets leveled? You can do it with a metal scale. Are any damaged? You will have to eye-ball this one. Are any frets sharp? Run you palm across the neck of the guitar and check if any of the frets have sharp edges, as these can cut you while playing. Also check for fret buzz

Check the Action – What’s the “action”, you ask. Action is the space between the fretboard and the strings. You’ll want this to be as comfortable as possible. The better your action, the better your “playability” some like the action higher and some like it low. Don’t adjust the truss rod if you don’t know what you are doing, you may end up damaging the guitar.

Check the pick-ups – (assuming its electro-acoustic) – Check if they function well, no buzz, unwanted sounds, etc. Connections are good. Take and flashlight and check inside the guitar body and check all the electrical connections.

Finally, if the guitar passes all these tests, you are good to go and Rock on !!!

Remember that if you treat your guitar with love and take care of it, it will love you back ….

and do take it to a luthier (Guitar repair Wala) from time to time for setups.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, so if you have any questions hit me up in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

Hope this helps you find the dream guitar and make lovely music together….Cheers

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