[100% SOLVED] Redmi Touch Not Working While Playing PUBG Mobile

100% SOLVED Redmi Phone Unresponsive Touch Problem Solved

Redmi Touch Not Working
Hey guys if your Redmi Device having a touch issue while playing PUBG mobile or doing other task. The unresponsive touch issue may increase your problem while playing any of the online game and while Typing. If you have this type of problem then this blog is for you, I can help you in this topic.

The problem I Faced while Playing PUBG

  • I am writing this blog because I also suffer from the same problem for 5 months. let I first describe what problem I faced with my Redmi note 5 devices while playing PUBG mobile or doing another task.
  • While playing PUBG joystick will automatically stop working for 2 seconds and in that 2 seconds my player stuck at the same place and to move it again I have to touch again on the screen. 
  • Firstly I think it was an update issue that may be solved with the new update, but I don’t know when the new update is coming, so I decided to go to the local shop and flash the device to get the older version. But nothing happened, the touch issue is still available in the device.
  • Then I fully restore my device, but again nothing happens  
  • Then I search for videos and blogs on the internet and do Many settings in the device, download apps for the screen repair but the result is the same, nothing happened. 
  • Now let us know how to solve this touch issue problem

How to solve touch issues while playing PUBG Mobile.

How to solve touch issue while playing pubg mobile

  • After doing all the other stuff I did not get the result and at last, I decided to change the screen of the device. From the local market, I change the full-screen set @ Rs1500.
  • And then finally I came out of this issue. After that, the phone is working smoothly without any touch issue. 
  • So to solve this touch issue problem while playing PUBG mobile you have to change your full screen, which costs you around 1500 rupees. I have wasted lots of money to solve this problem but finally, get the result.
  • So I did not want that you also spend your time and money on doing other useless tasks, or wasting your money on this problem. Directly go to the shop and change the screen of a device that is the only way to solve this problem.

Now my device is working fine and the joystick in PUBG mobile is now moving so smoothly.

I make this blog on based on my experiences, if your problem is not similar to me, then you can try other methods, But if you have same issue then the only solution is to change your screen. 

Thanks for reading the post, if you have any question about this problem you can comment bellow.

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